21 Day Clothes Remix – Video Reflection

What a fun experiment for me!  I share a little about it in the video below plus go into the struggles with seeing my mug front and center on each blog post.  Every.  Day.


The truth is, I love to dress up.  I still love to shop, but I know I can take the time to make my OWN wardrobe work for me…and actually like it.  All of the Pinterest research gave me great inspiration, but also opened my eyes to some great pieces that I need would love to add to my collection. ;)

And here is a real life (I mean…just woke up and still has sleepy eyes REAL LIFE) photo.  It pains me  a little to say there is no photoshop done here.  Yep, that’s all me.  But that’s not a bad thing!

fresh face

We all have our moments where we feel eekkkk and moments were we feel great.  I hope I can tip the scale a little more towards “put together” and a little less towards “I have day old applesauce on my shirt and I don’t even care.”  All of us moms deserve to feel good about ourselves.  We are raising human beings, for the love!  Don’t forget that you are awesome without all of the makeup and trendy clothes and beach waves.

I mean…it does help though.  Just a little.

Clothes Remix Wrap Up

That’s a wrap!  If you’ve missed it, or if you’re just now joining in, I’ve been shopping my closet and remixing 21 pieces of clothing/shoes to make 21 different outfits.  The goal or habit I wanted to create was to be more satisfied with what I actually have and making the most of it.

For a recap, here are all 21 outfits!  (If you want to see the original post with the 21 pieces, go here.)


Day 1 // Day 2 // Day 3


Day 4 // Day 5 // Day 6


Day 7 // Day 8 // Day 9


Day 10 // Day 11 // Day 12


Day 13  //  Day 14  //  Day 15


Day 16  //  Day 17  //  Day 19

last ones

Day 20  //  Day 21  //  The Missed Outfit

Since this post has so many pics, I’ll do a separate post with the reflection video and my un-retouched, super flattering (NOT) photo.

What has been your favorite outfit of the remix?  Ready…go!

Remix Day 21: Two Outfits!

collage 21

I had two more outfits left that hadn’t been photographed (when we did all the photography last month).  I didn’t know if I would get Carter to take some pics, or if I would battle with the tripod to try and make it work (it’s trickier than you’d think trying to get the right focal point).  In the end, I took the lazy way out and just snapped some pics of the clothes itself.

Which was a bonus, because I currently have no makeup on and unwashed hair all tied up in a bun.  Doesn’t make for the best photo op.

In this outfit I went with a little more bling in the earrings to bring balance to the boots, which are sort of masculine.  The two necklaces also help add some femininity to the look.  I love mixing masculine and feminine.  To take the girly factor up a notch, I’d also add some red lips…if I were actually in this photo.

The Jewelry:  Water Drop Prism Earrings (here ), Metallic Pearls Necklace (here), and Discs and Pearls Necklace. (here)

I actually missed posting on Day 18 (didn’t have the pictures for it and was feeling lazy), so here is remix to make up for that day!

missed outfit

Pretty basic.  This scarf is chunky and awesome (I think from Target a few years ago).  Every thing about this screams COMFY without it being pajama worthy.  I actually wore this last night.  I hadn’t showered yesterday (shhhh don’t tell) and I threw my hair up in a bun, put on some red lips and my fav earrings and bam!  A semi-put together look!

Pardon the sloppy Photoshop job…looks like my Fossil watch is a little deformed.  Oops!

Can you believe it!  21 days of the clothes remix is DONE!

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to see:

  • A summary in photos of all 21 looks
  • A video reflection on how the experiment went (Did it satisfy my craving to shop??)
  • My thoughts on Photoshop and a completely untouched, no makeup, just woke up, not so flattering photo
  • A preview for what’s coming the rest of this month on the blog
  • MAYBE a sneak peak at December’s experiment!


Happy Remixing!

Remix Day 20: Creamy Neutrals


I love combining lots of pieces that are in the same color palate (in this case, cream) but with lots of different textures.  The furry vest, the texture of the sweater, the necklace (see similar Noonday version…which I still need) that’s a matching shade but stands out with some metal and sheen, and then the suede booties.  Even the earrings (LOVE them!  Buy here) have some nice texture to them, but are still that creamy shade of white.  All the textured together make an outfit interesting.


In the end, you have a very monochromatic look that is far from boring.  I even got compliments from the doctor today when I went in for help with some dizziness I’ve been experiencing.  Hey, who says you can’t look cute when you’re sick?

window light

PS- I just want to give props to myself for taking all of these photos ON MY OWN.  I didn’t have my awesome mom to take photos (this was an outfit we missed when she was in town and we did our little photo shoot).  I got out the tripod, and it took a lot of work to get the focus and lighting just right.  Definitely not ideal, but I got some decent shots!  I’d much rather have someone else taking the pics, however.

collage20 copy

And a final pic in black and white.


Remix Day 19: Can’t Go Wrong With Fur & Aviators



One of my favorite looks from this month’s experiment.  I love the neutrals mixed with the pinks and blues of the shirt.  I love a good top knot with some aviators and fur.  Overall, I just love it.   I would wear this every day…weather permitting.


Add in some gold accessories for the win!  Noonday (what else?) Bracelet here and my favorite earrings here.




Check out my other looks with this fur vest:

Fur with a Skirt

Fur with Skinny Jeans and a Statement Necklace

One more to come tomorrow! :)

What’s your favorite way to wear a fur vest?

Remix Day 17: Cardi Party


I love a good cardigan to add a layer to an outfit.  Today I’m wearing it with my fav grey tee, distressed jeans, and heels.  I added a great Noonday Collection necklace to dress up the t-shirt a little.  Check out the necklace here, and the earrings here.  It’s amazing how jewelry can really change up an outfit.  This necklace in particular would go great with a little black dress or a cute romper, but here it fancies up a fairly plain outfit.   I could wear these same pieces, minus the jewelry and heels, for a much more casual look.  Accessories can really make an impact on your outfit, so stock up!


close crop

bw closeup


What’s your favorite way to dress up jeans and a plain tee?

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